Saturday, 6 July 2013

Skating School - for my reference

It's proving harder than it should to work out the reading order of these.  Fantastic fiction has the books listed, but not entirely in reading order. Goodreads doesn't even list them as a series (I'll fix that at some point).  But my colleague, our YA librarian, thought to check Amazon, and they did have the reading order.  Thank you, YA librarian!!

Skating School - by Linda Chapman
  1. White Skate Wishes (2009) - read
  2. Scarlet Skate Magic (2009) read
  3. Violet Skate Friends (2009) - read
  4. Pink Skate Party (2009) - read
  5. Blue Skate Dreams (2010) - read
  6. Silver Skate Surprise (2010) - read
2nd generation stories
  1. Sapphire Skate Fun (2010) - read
  2. Amber Skate Star (2010) - arrived
  3. Emerald Skate Promise (2010)
  4. Ruby Skate Secrets (2010)
  5. Diamond Skate Forever (2010)
  6. Topaz Skate Sparkle (2010)

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Where I am up to Wednesday

It's Wednesday again!  There have been many Wednesdays since the last time I wrote.  But this is where I'm up to:

I've just finished reading:
I finished The Follies of the King by Jean Plaidy in the last couple of days.  It's the Edward II installment of the Plantagenet saga, and I found myself with far more sympathy for Isabella than I expected.  And far less for Edward. Obviously there's some authorial bias at work, and I've got the Alison Weir "She-Wolf of France" (or is that about Eleanor?  Or Margaret of Anjou?)  on eBook.  Once I recharge my Kobo.  I'm definitely looking forward to the next one, although I won't get to that for a little while.

I finally finished Pray for me in Santiago while I was in Adelaide, and I still need to write a proper review of that one.  

I'm currently reading:
The Red Queen, by Philippa Gregory, which jumped up the to-read list when @sawcat pointed out that it was about Margaret Beaufort and not Margaret of Anjou as I'd assumed it was.  Watching the TV adaption of The White Queen I was absolutely captivated by Margaret Beaufort.  And I'm thoroughly enjoying reading the book.  

Still working on Alice Pung's Unpolished Gem, somewhat on hiatus because of a) the changeover of libraries resulting in not actually having access to the audio book version and b) my gym being in the middle of renovations.  I listen to my audiobooks while I'm at the gym.

Also still working very slowly on Mark Bowen's Guests of the Ayatollah, and Noel Tovey's Little Black Bastard.

Next I plan to read:
Rebecca Lim's Exile, which has been sitting there in waiting for a while; a few more Linda Chapman Skating School books (which I have on reserve through Swift, now that my library is a member of Swift); and Manhattan Dreaming, by Anita Heiss, because I really should have read it by now.