Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Review: "The Confession of an Unrepentant Lesbian Ex-Mormon" by Sue-Ann Post

The Confession of an Unrepentant Lesbian Ex-MormonThe Confession of an Unrepentant Lesbian Ex-Mormon by Sue-Ann Post
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I watched the related documentary many years ago when it was shown on ABC's Compass program, and then a couple years ago I found the book in a discount book store, and I snaffled it up.

I have to admit that I have skimmed the first two and the last chapters. Whenever Sue-Ann got into attempting to prove why all those with faith in God are wrong, my eyes glazed over, partly in self-protection, partially because she's not actually here to argue against, and in my mind, she's hellaciously wrong. She's denying a core part of my identity, and I guess that these days I just don't put up with that. More to the point, I'm so used to blogs and interactivity and etc and being able to argue back, and a book doesn't allow for that in the way that a blog might.

It was a good read. It was a frustrating read. It was a somewhat infuriating read (in part due to her narrow theological view, and Post's assumption that she knows the theology of ALL elements of Christian theology when she bloomin' well doesn't. For proof please see the pages relating to the World Council of Churches, and her apparent COMPLETE lack of understanding that the Roman Catholic Church is NOT part of the WCC.)

All that said, without those three chapters, it's an awesome book. I'll go back and read those three missing chapters one day when I feel better able to deal with them without setting fire to the book or myself. And there was a lot in the other chapters that I read out to my GF as I was reading it, that I loved, that I chuckled over, that I tried to absorb and turn over in my mind and learn from.

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  1. Hi, Heidi! Found your blog by way of the Australian Women Writers blog and your review caught my eye. I'm looking forward to reading more of your reviews.

  2. It certainly looks like a memoir of interesting experiences if nothing else.
    Thanks for sharing your AWW review!

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

  3. Found it, thanks, Heidi - I was sure this was fiction. :)