Friday, 2 March 2012

The fabulous Mrs Mac

We have a fabulous storytime program at our library. Mrs Mac worked in pre schools for close to twenty years before she came to the library, and seems to know pretty much everyone in our town.

Here's an example of her work:


A new book goes up every two weeks.  The vids are being used in one of the local Special Schools who don't have the money for a bus to get to story time themselves.  Mrs Mac gets hits from all over the world.

Mrs Mac had some fabulous news this morning...

Last night the Government Communications Awards were announced.

Mrs Mac's Story time took out the New or Digital Media award jointly with Brisbane City Council for their use of social media during last year's floods.  Anyone who knows how brilliant BCC's use of social media was in that situation will understand how floored I am by this joint win.  It is totally mind-boggling, and I also wish I'd had a camera to take a photo of Mrs Mac when I told her about her win this morning.

Have some more Mrs Mac:

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  1. That's fabulous! A good story teller is a treasure