Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Changes to the blog

As you may have noticed, there's been a change in flavour around here. 

This has never really been much of a Library blog: the social media rules of my workplace (and the lack of interesting blog posts to write about such things) keep me from really digging into that the way I might have liked.  And I wanted to focus this blog a little more narrowly than the sort of scattergun approach it has had.

And so it is becoming a predominantly "history/ical" blog. 

Yep - an entirely made up term.  By which I mean that my focus is going to be on works of historical fiction and nonfiction history.  I doubt that I'll ever be reading the very latest releases when they're released: I've got a lengthy backlog of both Chadwicks and Gregorys, not to mention my "Reading the Morlands" or the fact that I'm working my way through most of what Jean Plaidy ever wrote.  I'm also hoping to start posting about historical TV adaptations like The Tudors or the bits of history in the Great British Sewing Bee (love those!  Also hoping to blog the rest of the show on Chez Stutters at some point soon.)

With the introduction of the Sunday Reads posts I've established a place to discuss non history/ical current reads - at the moment that seems to be predominantly sci-fi.

I will still post other things here: other topics, reviews of other types of books.  I'm not giving up on my obsession with dystopias any time soon!

But as it (now) says up the top - "Heidi Reads - mostly history/icals"

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