Thursday, 29 January 2015

Reading the Morlands: #6 "The Long Shadow"

This past week or so, I've kept meaning to write up an "as I go" post for The Long Shadow, but apart from some less-than-complimentary thoughts about Annunciata, I've never got that far.

Now I've finished the book entirely, so it's time for a proper review.  Or as proper as I ever manage.

The blurb for The Long Shadow is rather misleading.  It talks about the reign of James II as though that forms the bulk of the book, when it's probably less than the final hundred pages.  Which in a way is nice, as life for all the Morlands and their connections is better under Charles II than under his brother's four-year reign.

I will say this book killed any liking I had left for Annunciata.  Yet again there are few really likeable characters in this series: Hugo got on my nerves, and even Elizabeth Hobart (poor dear) couldn't  grab me.  Annunciata is fascinating, and a wonderful character, but I don't like her, or have much sympathy for her,

I continue to find it fascinating that Harrod-Eagles take on history is so far from my own.  Or should that be her take on the contemporary view as events were unfolding?  Still, I've always felt quite sorry for both Mary and Anne, and H-E/her characters seem quite the opposite.

I've had The Chevalier from the library for a few days now, and have already started it.  Despite currently having a long list of books I'm halfway through, and the entire set of Susan Holloway Scott novels (beginning with Duchess, which is about Sarah Churchill) to read as well.

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