Thursday, 14 May 2015

Wednesday reads (on Thursday night) - 14th May

What I've finished reading:

Nothing, this week.

I've been reading lots of blogs - File 770, Whatever (the blog of John Scalzi), and Ask a Manager, mostly.    But sadly not reading books.  Or at least, not finishing them.

What I'm currently reading:

Last night, in need of something to read in the bathtub (thus necessarily a paper book belonging to me, not the library), I began Jean Plaidy's The Thistle and the Rose.  Which is about Margaret Tudor moving to Scotland to marry James IV - and aftermath.  Got through the first 70 pages at a rapid rate, so that's good.

The Bees is still out from the eBook library, and I have had multiple reserves arriving for me to read of late as well.  Must get onto that.

And of course there's Cranky Ladies of History

What I'll read next:

Reserves from other libraries:
  • Biggest Brother, the Dick Winters bio I mentioned last week
  • Mastiff, the final in Tamora Pierce's Beka Cooper series.
The various piles on my Kindle and Kobo apps...

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