Friday, 2 December 2011

Memory lane - a tree grows in the library

For two years I was a library assistant at Wangaratta High School.  The job had its ups and downs, but one of the best aspects of the job was that my fellow library assistant was absolutely brilliant at displays.  Cheryl grew a tree in the library.

The Book Week theme in 2009 was Book Safari.  Our library went on a jungle safari, thanks to Cheryl's magnificent tree, and a few highly beloved stuffed animals purchased on eBay, as well as Camilla the snake -  sewn by one of the Teacher Librarians.  Camilla was longer than her maker's house.

The tree stayed up until all of the staff who had been there in 2009 had left.  Unfortunately, that meant that it was taken down at the end of 2010.

It was a great team.

It was a really fabulous tree.

Part of our Library menagerie

Camilla overseeing the loans desk

Camilla suspended from the ceiling, having found a tasty treat (the Library's "Dewey", dressed up as a his cousin the Lion for Book Week.


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