Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Database Training

Off to Wagga today for training from the fabulous Jenny from

The purpose of today was to be introduced to two EBSCO-hosted databases: A/NZ Point of View Reference Centre, and NoveList.  Both of these are available through all NSW libraries, thanks to the State Library of NSW and  Because my library is linked to three NSW local governments, we get access to it too - and the training.

It was a good training session, although the internet connection was mega-slow, which impacted negatively on the training itself.

Databases are a strange thing.  We have a bunch of them but most of the time the staff don't know they're there or that we have free access to them.  What I need to work on is (first) making my staff aware of what is available and how to find it and (second) making our patrons aware of the same thing.

I'll be the Customer Service Co-ordinator in my Library for the foreseeable future, and that frees me to work on things like this: on promotion and training and making sure that my staff are aware of what we have.  Because we really need to be.

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