Monday, 9 January 2012

Review: "Poppy at Summerhill" and "Poppy and the Thief"

Poppy at Summerhill (Our Australian Girl - Poppy, #2) Poppy and the Thief (Our Australian Girl - Poppy, #3)
Poppy at Summerhill by Gabrielle Wang
Poppy and the Thief by Gabrielle Wang

When I read Meet Poppy in October 2011, I said that I hoped to read the following books the next weekend. Sadly, I didn't get to them until New Year's Day and shortly thereafter (Okay, once I'd committed to the AWW2012 challenge I held onto them until the New Year). (Sadly, I also spent the entirety of the previous review calling Poppy "Polly". I'm surprised no one pointed that slip out to me!)

I've really enjoyed the next two instalments, particularly as Poppy has grown to know and understand more about each side of her heritage. While I knew that there was a goodly sized Chinese community in Beechworth at the time, I didn't know that the same was true about Wahgunyah, and now I'm inclined to go delving into the Local History collection at work to learn more. That would be a fascinating mostly-forgotten history of that (now quite little) town.

The joy of reading about places so near by, and so close to my heart continues. Now I just need to find book four! My local sources seem to have all the white girls from the My Australian Girl collection, but not my beloved Poppy. (Seriously - if there were dolls to go with this series like there are with the American Girl books, I'd have a Poppy to sit alongside my Minnesotan Kirsten ~grin~).

Kick-ass females: 4 - Poppy, Noni, Aunty, and Lai Lai.

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  1. The sound like delightful reads - thank you for sharing them!

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