Monday, 27 January 2014

Australian Women Writers signup 2014

Somehow it's already 2014.

I dropped off on my reviews and challenges last year, which does make one thing easy for this year: rolling over last year's challenges to this year.

Last year I managed to read three of my ten planned books for the Australian Women Writers challenge. Therefore, seven are back on my list this year.

1. The Boundary, by Nicole Watson
2. Paving the New Road, by Sulari Gentill.
3. Exile, by Rebecca Lim,
4. Black Glass, by Meg Mundell.
5. El Dorado, by Dorothy Porter.
6. Chasing the Light, by Jesse Blackadder.
7. Whitening Race, edited by Aileen Moreton-Robinson.
8. Manhattan Dreaming, by Anita Heiss. 
9. Tea with Arwa, by Arwa El Masri
10. This is Shyness, by Leanne Hall.

The three new books are the next Rowland Sinclair (Sulari Gentill), Chasing the Light by Jesse Blackadder,  and Tea with Arwa, a biography by Arwa El Masri, wife of Hasim El Masri, the rugby player who is probably Australia's best known and definitely best-respected Muslim.  I've been wanting to read Tea with Arwa for a long time.

Another note: Meg Mundell's Black Glass went missing in the transition between library systems (damn whoever has it) so I'll have to borrow that one in from another library.

I'm going off to do my official sign up now, then back to my writing project before my editor discovers a way to transport herself through the internet to encourage me in person.  Hopefully I can get chapter three off to her this week and then come back to update my GWC and Rainbow Reads challenges for this year.

Happy Reading!

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