Monday, 8 June 2015

#Juneblog 3 - a random update

And then I went away for the long weekend.

So hi, all.  I'm back.  Was away in Sydney for a wedding and a Sydney Film Festival film and some other things, and although I knew it was going to be busy I guess I didn't realise just how busy.  (I've had to give up my plan of contributing to Twelfth Planet Press's "Letters to Tiptree" because I didn't plan ahead well enough.)

As to bookish things: on Sunday we went into the CBD to do some shopping - and ran into book sales at Dymocks, the ABC Shop and Abbeys/Galaxy.  Our actual goal was Kinokuniya (I wanted to - and did - get Volume 2 of Ms Marvel).  We didn't go too overthetop at the sales - I got a book about Antarctica for my mother, M got a WWII diary and a few books for her classroom library, but book sales are always dangerous.

Our flight home was delayed (in the air) due to fog at our home airport, but this gave me the chance to finish Galax-Arena, vol 2 of Ms Marvel, and another couple of stories from Cranky Ladies of History.  (Galax and Cranky Ladies were on my iPad.)

(I also spent the weekend following the Continuum Con #con11 hashtag.  I really wanted to be there, but the wedding was a commitment that overrode that, and the wedding was awesome.)

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